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Ebikes: MobGlider + Mobster + Mobster Cargo

  • MobGlider E-Bike: rear engine and no gears, for floating fleets. integrated aluminum wheels, "zero maintenance”;

  • Mobster E-Bike: front engine and 3 gears, with 5 PAS levels and USB port. All state-of-the-art technology and maximum comfort, equipped for fast charging at FOB docking stations;

  • Mobster Cargo: A Mobster Long-tail ebike, up to 200kg of full load, also available soon with central motor.


Crosswise features:

  • Hub brakes, torque sensor, motor up to 350W, integrated display;

  • Smart Lock and FOB IOT module;

  • Smart battery lock for quick swap

  • App for maintenance crew;

  • User-configured usage profile;

  • Virtual data & maximum speed configured by Geofencing.

FobMob EScooter

  • 16'' Integrated Wheel, stability, safety and comfort for all;

  • Front suspension fork;

  • Smart Lock with GPS / GPRS ; Anti Theft, Accelerometer, RFID Access, TCP-IP Access;

  • Integrated Panel and FOB iOT module;


       Special features:

  • Increased autonomy, easier to use and multiple user profiles; Supports up to 120kg;

  • Wider platform, for driving position with feet side-by-side;

  • Wider handlebar and reclined steering; Equipped for 2 passengers or cargo box option; Compatible with anchoring system; Smart battery lock for quick change with FOB control;

  • Cargo box and accessories available; User-configured usage profile;

  • Virtual data & maximum speed configured by Geofencing. In modules or individual, different designs and configurations;

  • With or without interactive equipment; RFID, BLE, Wi-Fi, Hot Spot, Tool-case, etc;

  • Smart charging of 1-4 amps;

  • Robustness and versatility for multiple vehicles.


State-of-the-art technology
Robust Vehicles
Add Ons
Easy Maintenance
Electronic Battery Lock
GPS and Management Platform
Simplified Versions
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