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Our company has been venturing in a long journey since 2011, in urban cycling retail industry, and now in the development of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions.

 We deliver turnkey bicycles and scooters platforms with all the backend tools: Integrated big-data management, IoT connectivity, secure billing, fleet usage mapping, among many other features.

In addition, we deliver a service tailored to meet our customers' expectations to the fullest! We are not operators ourselves, but we provide all the tools for those who want to implement responsible and sustainable mobility solutions, in cities, in tourism, universities, corporate and renting.

We team-up with our customers to design and deploy together, thus providing them with highly impactful products and services, both socially and economically, on the way to a greener and newer future.

This is our mission.

Share yours and tell us where you want to go next.

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