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FOB Ecosystem

  • Full-Tech, Modular and Intuitive App & back-office;

  • Real time monitoring the status of each station and vehicle, alarmist and settings;

  • Remote control of all locks and vehicles, by TCP/IP, including maximum speed, automatic lights, battery charging level, usage levels;

  • Gamification and user profile settings;

  • Monitoring/video surveillance with remote over-ride controls of station/dock/padlock/vehicle functions;

  • Export data and alarms for "standard of service”;

  • Identifies and processes real-time location of all vehicles, accumulating routes, and aggregating data by usage intervals, users, uses, available spaces or charging, payment platforms and operation alerts, among other usual “points-of-care”;

  • Technical layers with remote configuration support versus simplified and intuitive operational layers;

  • Operational tools for maintenance teams;

  • APIs and integration service with native systems available.


Installation and Ongoing Support
Configuration and Customization
Systems Integration
Multiple Business Models
Front End Simplified Versions
Tools and Maintenance Teams
Platform Integration
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