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Advanced Hardware

  • Increased cycling mobility can be achieved effectively by promoting the use of private bicycles;

  • Bike parking in any location, with efficient and low-cost installation;

  • Ensure the availability of safe parking for bicycles in urban locations, in a clean, ecological and convenient way, on public road. No civil work, "Plug-and-play" and ready to use on day of installation;

  • Innovative and easily scalable, dynamic and verifiable solutions with minimal investment and high return;

  • A safe place to park your bikes translates into added value and convenience, for a company, a nodal commuting point, tourism or company;

  • Promoting a match between cities and citizens’ needs and requirements;

  • We present all solutions for a number of specific realities, including the new EU urban building directives;

  • Access control technology, video surveillance, integrated ticketing, access app, payment platform and backend dashboard.

Conventional hardware and infrastructure

  • Parking solutions - inside or outside Smart Parkings, several easy-to-install solutions. Light or heavy-duty solutions for any public or private space, customizable.


Easy Installation
Access by App
Public/Private Use
Various Business Models
No Civil Work
Remote Locations
Video Surveillance
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